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• It's been a dry spell of things going on to update anyone about. There certainly have been a flood of movie reviews at Forever Cinematic. I did fourteen reviews in the month of March, and have been covering many new releases. In the last month, those being Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness, and Now You See Me. I realized the other day and confirmed that I've been to the theatre as many times in the last five months as I did all of last year - a total of thirteen times. From here on out, I am immensely anticipating Man of Steel on June 14th. There are a few other films I'm on the fence about , but I will likely see regardless such as The Wolverine and Riddick. You can either check out the written reviews on the blog for these new releases, or hit up the RavensFilm Productions YouTube Channel for the high definition video reviews. I occasionally do special video spotlighting other releases, or simply doing reviews from the archives of the blog.

The Comic Book section has been stagnant for a long while due to financial constraints arising last summer. I was fortunate to close out the Night of the Owls storyline in Batman in mid-summer, and recently, I picked up the first two issues of Constantine (the New 52 relaunch of Hellblazer in the DCU) after a strong recommendation from the guys at the Raging Bullets DC Comics Fan Podcast. I am getting more and more anxious to start buying comics again, but we'll see where things go from here on out.

I'm really loving the newly released Alice in Chains album The Devil Put Dinosaurs here. They are my favorite band because, one, they've always made consistently great music, and secondly, they've never let me down. They will be coming to my hometown in the southwest suburbs of Chicago this August, and I intend to be there to see them live for the first time! I'm also considering seeing REO Speedwagon in Joliet on June 28th. Last year, I attended one concert, and that was Alice Cooper & Iron Maiden at the treat of my friend Trent Zuberi and a set of Skybox seats he obtained. That was my first time seeing Alice, and only my second seeing Maiden (the first being back in 2003).

And as you can see, I've added my Twitter feed to the right so that in between the sparse updates on this front page you can see what I'm up to on a regular basis. My Twitter account is a peculiar hybrid of my own personal interactions and my RavensFilm Productions news and updates. Many Forever Cinematic updates are posted to there as well since the blog has been an official RavensFilm product since last November.
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