The unfortunate news has arrived - Friday The 13th is officially joining the movie remake trend.  We are left with Jason X as the end of Jason Voorhees in the canon of the original franchise, and we'll never get a Freddy vs. Jason sequel the way it should've been done in the first place.  And with this, you know a remake of A Nightmare On Elm Street is not far off.  Think of it - Leatherface, Michael Myers, and Pinhead have already jumped on that remake bandwagon.  Plus, Sam Raimi keeps talking about remaking The Evil Dead.  Freddy Krueger has no immunity to the remake syndrome.  In any case, the man who will direct New Line Cinema's & Platinum Dunes F13 remake is the same man who helmed their TCM remake - Marcus Nispel.  Allow your sordid thoughts to stir.....

Now, Bloody Disgusting has gotten their hands on the casting breakdowns for more than a dozen roles for the film.  SPOILERS are certainly present, I'm sure.  Read at your own risk.

WHITNEY Caucasian. Mid 20s. Younger sister to Clay. Pretty and strong girl. She has the smarts and the will to survive in the most desperate of circumstances.

CLAY Caucasian. Late 20s. Older brother of Whitney. He's good-looking and has a quiet inner confidence. He's a dedicated and smart guy. All the girls definitely find him attractive.

CHUMBLER Caucasian, early to mid-20s. A little chubby, but he wears his size well, along with his cool chin beard. He has a tendency to make wear his attraction to attractive girls on his sleeve. He has no shame. Please submit your funniest character actors.

TRENT Caucasian, early to mid-20s. The Alpha-Male. He's got money, and he wants you to be his friend... especially if you can do something for him.

JENNA Caucasian, early to mid-20s. Trent's date for the weekend. She's great-looking, athletic, and the adventurous type. We wonder why she would be with Trent.

LAWRENCE Black, early to mid-20s. Good-looking and funny as hell. He's smart and is already trying to get his own company started. He puts on a white sounding "good ol' boy" voice when talking to his business associates.

NOLAN He wears a T-shirt that says F**K CHRISTMAS - The asterisks are snowflakes. But when an older woman walks by, he crosses his arms, covering it. Nolan poses as a rebel, but he's just as square as the rest of us.

CHELSEA Attractive college girl. Friends with BREE, but not as sexy. PARTIAL NUDITY REQUIRED

BREE Attractive friend to Chelsea, definitely the sexier of the two, and she dresses to make sure you can tell the difference. Hot as Hell!

WADE Caucasian, mid-20s. He's technologically inclined... at least enough to use a GPS Receiver. He knows the story about Camp Crystal Lake and he tells it to his crew around a campfire.

MIKE Caucasian, mid-20s. Whitney's boyfriend. He's a genuine and logical guy. He makes sure that his friends, and especially Whitney, are safe and taken care of. He's a really nice guy.

AMANDA Caucasian, mid-20s, voluptuous. Perfectly tanned and sexy. She's into Richie...at least for the weekend. PARTIAL NUDITY REQUIRED

RICHIE Caucasian, mid-20s. Funny and definitely attracted to Amanda. He doesn't waste time making a move on her.

In 2008, the only Friday The 13th of the whole year lands in June, and it does not seem likely this film will make such a date.  A better estimate would be August, September, or October.  In any case, it has been heavly circulated that Jason, not Pamela, Voorhees will be the killer in this film.  Wonder how soon it'll be before Kane Hodder starts petitioning for the role again.

Sideshow Collectibles is now accepting pre-orders for its Jason Voorhees Friday The 13th, Part VII: The New Blood 'Scream Scene.'  You can check out higher resolution photos at the provided link.  Sideshow promotes the collectible as follows: "The second New Line Horror Scream Scene, this intricate sculpture depicts Jason Voorhees chained beneath the water's surface, trapped in the watery tomb that held him before the awakening that unleashed him once again.  Cast of the highest quality polystone, this diorama is individually hand numbered and expertly hand detailed to Sideshow Collectibles' exacting standards.  The Jason Scream Scene Diorama is a worthy addition for any Jason or horror collection."  As always, Sideshow's level fo detail and creativity is amazing!  Though, they have one warning for you, since it depicts Jason floating in water:

WARNING!!  Please note, this item is not intended for use underwater, in a fish tank or aquarium.  If this item is placed into an environment with fish, the fish will DIE!!!

Shock Til You Drop says they got a tip from a 100% reliable source that Freddy vs. Jason scribes Mark Swift and Damian Shannon are the newest picks to write the remake of Friday The 13th.  Despite what Ronny Yu & David Goyer did to ruin their script for FvJ, I don't feel these two guys should be given this task.  Now, let me get something straight off my chest - Hollywood has announced remakes of Near Dark, Fright Night, The Wolfman, Hellraiser, and add that onto the MOUNTAIN of shitty remakes of horror classics we've had in just the last year!  Give me a goddamn break!  STOP IT!  Nine out of ten times, these remakes only serve to put the final nail in the coffin of the franchise.  The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise is dead, Halloween has now been mutilated five years after it was already pronounced DOA, and I don't see a new Omen franchise gearing up, do you?  Trying to start fresh with a remake really doesn't do a damn thing, in my honest opinion.  Either make a new sequel, or just leave the franchise alone.  Now, as far as Shannon & Swift go?  I think there's gotta be better choices out there to pen the new Friday The 13th film.  I haven't had the desire to watch Freddy vs. Jason in over three years, and I view that film as a major disappointment.  Of course, no matter how good the script might turn out, I wouldn't be surprised if New Line shafted us with another piss poor hack director who knows nothing of the craft of creating true horror cinema.  Guess we'll be finding that out before too long as well.  The scary thing is - they could actually do WORSE than the previously attached director Jonathan Liebesman (Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning).

CHUD's Devin snagged an interview with Platinum Dunes' Andrew Form and Brad Fuller while making the publicity rounds for The Hitcher remake (they apparently do nothing but remakes).  The two producers began talking all about the proposed Friday The 13th remake (see, I told you), and brought up a lot of questions that probably don't need answering.  Here's some portions of the interview:

Fuller says that the film won’t be The Best of Jason Voorhees, but they’re free to pick and choose elements that they like the best. And their Jason will wear the hockey mask, even though he first got it in the third film. Form told me, “I think there are moments we want to address, like how does the hockey mask happen. It’ll happen differently in our movie than in the third one. Where is Jason from, why do these killings happen, and what is Crystal Lake?”

And then Bradley Fuller dropped the bomb on me: “And how does Tommy Jarvis fit in?”

In addition to this monster bombshell, there was a little talks about something that I think is extremely important to the franchise... is Jason supernatural? Here's what Fuller tells CHUD:

"We talk about that for hours on end. How do you do that and not make it seem cheesy? If you don’t do that well, they’re not along for the ride of the movie. In some ways, you’re better off not addressing it ? which I don’t think we’re going to do ? or you come up with a writer and a group of people who sit in a room and come up with an idea so brilliant that it works, and that’s what we’re striving to do. Every discussion about this movie ? you talk about the kills, you talk about the hot chicks, you talk about the nudity, you talk about Crystal Lake ? but at the end of the day, the question is, ‘Is there a supernatural element to this movie?’ Is Jason a demon? I think you can’t figure out any of the other things until you figure that out."

You know, it is possible to over-think a premise.  Sooner or later, you need to step back and realize that you're really killing off a lot of the intrigue and mystery of the character and story (sounds just like what Rob Zombie has done with his Halloween remake).  Honestly, the original continuity of the Friday The 13th films has yet to come to a satisfying conclusion, and I see it is far from being worn out to the point where a restart is required.  They're just remaking it because that's all they do, and because it's the trend now.  Unfortunately, I feel the trend has long out-lived itself already, and people are rather sick of them.  Seriously, there's probably an average of one or more remakes released into theatres per week now.  If that's true, we would be getting more than 52 remakes per year.  And what percentage of them are actualy worthwhile, and what percentage of them are actually REALLY GOOD films?  Hell, what percentage of them were even justified in being made in the first place?  It's all just dollar signs and trends to these people, and they are far too concerned in killing the mystique of Jason Voorhees than making a really bad ass horror film which concludes the original continuity in a proper fashion.  Of course, I'm just bashing my head against a brick wall here.  This crap is gonna get made no matter how anyone complans about it.  If Jonathan Liebesman is still directing this thing, I already know it's gonna suck by the fact of my review of The Texas Chainsaw Masacre: The Beginning.  Though, apparently, if the film does happen, it will be a joint New Line Cinema / Paramount Pictures production.  This is supposedly due to legalities with the original eight films, which various elements from many of them are being adapted for this remake.

Bloody Disgusting received second-hand news from Platinum Dunes producer Andrew Form who says that the Friday The 13th remake is scoped out for a July, 2007 release date.  Take this as tentative as the vague legal battle over some kind of copyrights is still on-going.  Jonathan Liebesman, who also helmed the New Line/Platinum Dunes film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, is touted to be the director of this film as well.

B-D reader 'xerotheory7803' sent in this little update on New Line Cinema and Platinum Dunes' delayed Friday the 13th project. Xero tells B-D, "I just got back from the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors in Jersey and got a little bit of news to share with you. After the 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning' Panel, I was talking with Andrew Form, one of the producers who is also producing the new 'Friday The 13th', and he said that the remake, which is tied in a rights battle right now, should be in theaters by July 2007. He also exclaimed that they will fight to the bitter end to make sure it is released with an R rating, no PG-13 bullshit for Jason Voorhees." We've also heard some positive rumbling here in Los Angeles and hope to have some big news for you soon!

Fangoria has some special news for all New York-based Friday The 13th & Elm Street fans.  It's not Freddy vs. Jason, but a double feature theatrical screening of the original films that started the franchises over 20 years ago!  Fango's making it an even more special night with free admission, among other things.

In yet another pairing of fuse and FANGORIA, which are teaming for the first televised CHAINSAW AWARDS (see info here), the music channel and Fango will present Creeper Double Feature, an event showcasing two of the most influential horror films (in 35mm!) of all time: Wes Craven’s original A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET and Sean S. Cunningham’s trendsetting slasher FRIDAY THE 13TH. To be hosted by Fango editor Tony Timpone, the free event will be held Thursday, October 5 at 8 p.m. at New York City’s IFC Center (323 Sixth Avenue at West 3rd Street), with a “first come, first serve” policy. Not only is there no charge for admission, but attendees will also receive a goodie bag, and there will be Creeper Cocktail drink specials for those 21 and older! —Sean Decker

Fangoria reports that Jonathan Liebesman, director of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, is ready to re-approach New Line Cinema about his restart of the Friday The 13th franchise.  Whatever legal issues New Line and Platinum Dunes ran into are still unknown, and whether or not they've been resolved is also unknown.  Still, if this moves things along to another Friday film, I'll support it.  It's been three years without more cinematic Jason Voorhees massacres, and we're hungry for one.  Here's Fango's article:

The FRIDAY THE 13th remake/sequel/whatever project—which has seen its share of legal ups and downs ever since being announced earlier this year—ain’t so dead after all, it seems. When last we heard, things were at a standstill as production outfit Platinum Dunes decided to slow down on its approach to a possible early-2007 release via New Line (remember, it was initially supposed to hit Friday, October 13 of this year), and survey the specifics of who owned the rights.

In a recent chat with Jonathan Liebesman, who helmed the upcoming TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: THE BEGINNING for Platinum Dunes and New Line, Fango has learned the future FRIDAY director is heading back to the studio in the coming days to pitch his take on a film that is geared to reignite and overhaul the franchise. While he’d like to give us the specifics of his vision, Liebesman has politely asked us to keep mum. “I’m afraid that things will change between the time you run the story and what the outcome of my meeting will be,” he laughs. “I don’t want to get the fans all excited and then see them pissed off that they got excited over nothing!”

Bloody-Disgusting says there's still hope for the New Line/Platinum Dunes Friday The 13th film, but it's marginal.  They scored an interview with producer Brad Fuller (the full version will be posted in the near future), and while he is hopeful, it's out of Platinum Dunes' hands.  Here's the excerpt from that interview:

"We have been trying to get “Friday the 13th” made for a long time. The rights continue to be a problem, but we are optimistic that those issues will be resolved sometime in the next six months."

On my guess, this copyright issue could be due to this being a remake of sorts of the original Friday The 13th film, and thus, could involve Paramount Pictures and/or screenwriter Victor Miller.  This is only my shots in the dark, but I don't know what else could be the problem (I highly doubt Cunningham is doing anything to delay his next easy payday).

Fangoria re-enforces our previous update on the new Friday flick - it is on indefinite hold.  If thi is indeed a remake of one or several Paramount franchise installments, that could be the source of the copyright issues.  In any case, the main point of relevant information in their article is as follows (you can hit the link above for the full article):

Now, Fango has received a number of specifics from various sources as to why FRIDAY has stalled out, and all share the common claim that the issue lies with who owns the rights and whether those parties are getting their fare share of the money being made from the new project. “If that’s the case, then you certainly know more than we do here,” Platinum Dunes’ Brad Fuller tells Fango. “I mean, that kind of talk doesn’t even filter in this far to us. But I will say that, yes, FRIDAY THE 13TH has been put on hold until that’s all figured out.”

Bloody Disgusting has some unfortunate news which would very much explain the dead silence on New Line Cinema's new Friday flick:

’ve got some terrible, terrible news from the grapevine regarding New Line Cinema's latest entry in the Friday the 13th series, which was slated for an October release, with Platinum Dunes attached to produce. During a conversation with an insider I was informed that the Friday the 13th quasi-remake might be dead in the water, “Sadly, it seems like things are at a standstill because of rights issues.” That’s as much as I know at the moment, so keep your eyes peeled here for (hopefully) an update soon. Jonathan Liebesman was set to direct off a script by Mark Wheaton. The remake would have incorporated components of the films, though it is known that Jason would have worn the mask and will kill. The setting would have been that of the first movie, Crystal Lake. 

B-D reports news circulating on the most likely candidate for the director's chair on this new Friday film.  Whatever this new installment is going to be, I'm just going to keep myself indifferent until final details are announced.  Though, I did hope that Platinum Dunes would choose someone they haven't yet worked with just so we get as much fresh blood (no pun intended) into this film, but let's all stay optimistic for once on this website.  Here's the Bloody Disgusting report:

Although we're unsure if contracts have been signed as of yet, Darkness Falls and Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning director Jonathan Liebesman (interview)should be reteaming with Platinum Dunes to helm their upcoming Friday the 13th film, which we've been informed will not be called Friday the 13th Part 11. Producer Brad Fuller tells B-D exclusively, "We had a great time making TCM with Jonathan and we have been so impressed with his work ethic and talent that as soon as 'Friday the 13th' became a reality we jumped at the chance to work with him again." Mark Wheaton will be writing the script, which will feature Jason Voorhees' origins in some new original way. As of last week nothing was official with the plot, but things are on fast track since they're going to try at get this baby out by October, Friday the 13th, 2006. The remake will incorporate components of the films, though it is known that Jason will wear the mask and will kill. The setting will be that of the first movie, Crystal Lake, according to the Hollywood Reporter. 

Another update, this time from Bloody-Disgusting, reagrding the role of Jason Voorhees (or really, who won't be playing him:

Over the past few days Andrew Bryniarski, who plays Leatherface in Platinum Dunes' Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake and its upcoming prequel Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, has been putting out word that he think he'd be a perfect fit for Jason in the next Friday the 13th film.  We decided to drop word into the Dunes' base and see what they had to say about it, here's the skinny from Brad Fuller, "we love and admire Andrew's work as Leatherface, but we are going in a different direction with Jason."  Expect more announcements soon, such as who will direct the pic.  The next Jason pic, which will feature some of his origins, is shooting for an October 13th, 2006 date, which is ultimately unrealistic. 

Fangoria.com has some words from Plainum Dunes' Brad Fuller on the preliminary ideas for the new Friday The 13th film as well as the realistic possibliy that the film won't make a 2006 release date let alone Friday, October 13th, 2006:

Various sources across the web are rumbling (and grumbling) about the latest news on New Line’s next Jason Voorhees outing, as the Hollywood trades officially confirmed that Michael Bay and his Platinum Dunes production shingle are assisting the studio in bringing a new FRIDAY THE 13TH to the big screen.

One certainly had reason to presume that FRIDAY would get a straight redux, given Platinum’s track record with the TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and AMITYVILLE HORROR remakes—but that doesn’t appear to be the case at all. It’s still unclear what this FRIDAY, penned by former Fango scribe Mark Wheaton (who did the final script work on THE MESSENGERS for Ghost House Pictures and the Pang Bros.), will deliver to the legions of Voorhees fans who continue to nourish themselves on 10 straight-up Jason splatter-sodes and one VS. entry. Suffice to say, rumors have run rampant; for some answers, Fango turned to Plantinum Dunes’ Brad Fuller, who’s co-producing the film with partners Andrew Form and Michael Bay.

“We don’t know exactly what it’s going to be yet; it’s definitely not going to be set after FREDDY VS. JASON or JASON X,” Fuller tells Fango, addressing their film’s place in the FRIDAY universe. “This was such a juicy title, we couldn’t pass it up. So we’ve been talking to Wheaton, and we’re figuring it out. Jason didn’t really start killing until FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 2, so this isn’t a remake of the first one—Jason’s definitely going to be killing people in our movie. He didn’t wear the hockey mask until the third film [pictured], and our Jason is definitely going to wear the mask—so this is how we’re going about it right now.

“It feels to me like it’s going to be a re-imagining of…” Fuller pauses, trying to find the right word. “I don’t know if there is a term for it…it’s going to be like what we did with THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, that’s the best analogy I have. There are going to be things you recognize, but we will make it a distinctively different story. We’re going to keep all of the things that are expected [of a FRIDAY THE 13TH film] in there.”

Early reports stated that New Line was eyeing a release date of Friday, October 13th of this year. As far as this is concerned, Fuller is remaining realistic. Sticking to that deadline would involve nothing less than meticulous yet swift preparation. “We’re not planning on meeting that October date,” he reveals. “It was something that was originally discussed, but we don’t think we should write a script, find a director, cast a movie, and then make a film [that fast]. It deserves time, and we don’t want to rush this. The October date doesn’t feel like something we will be doing; plus we have a movie [TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: THE ORIGIN] coming out a week before. We’re not going let a release date dictate the film’s quality.”

And who will play the man behind the mask? It’s still too early to tell, but contrary to the recent gossip, it’s not going to be CHAINSAW’s hulking Andrew Bryniarski. “In our mind, he is Leatherface,” says Fuller. “With those two icons, you can’t mix them. I don’t see Andrew Bryniarski playing Jason.” —Ryan Rotten

Things are OFFICIAL, a new Friday The 13th film is on the way!  New Line Cinema is teaming again with Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes to produce the film for an October '06 release.  Here's the official word, as reported in Variety.

Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes shingle is coming aboard to produce the 11th outing in the sturdy "Friday the 13th" franchise for New Line.

Studio's hoping to fast-track the project -- centered on the origins of the Jason Voorhees character -- so that the pic can be released three weeks before Halloween on Friday, Oct. 13. Bay will produce with Platinum Dunes partners Brad Fuller and Andrew Form.

New Line's hired Mark Wheaton ("Son of the Morning Star") to pen the script. Studio prexy Toby Emmerich is overseeing along with execs Cale Boyter and Jeff Katz.

The original "Friday the 13th" -- set at a reopened camp that had closed 20 years earlier -- took nearly $40 million in domestic grosses in 1980. That's still the best domestic performance in the series, although New Line's spinoff pic "Freddy Vs. Jason" was a solid success in 2003, with $82 million domestic.

Platinum Dunes, which Bay launched in 2001 as a low-budget horror specialist, produced New Line's 2003 remake of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and its upcoming "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning."

Mark Wheaton used to be the west coast correspondant for CHUD (parent website of Creature Corner) under the handle "Smilin'" Jack Ruby, and is a serious, passionate Friday fan.  I do remember his review, generally, of Freddy vs. Jason, and it was negative.  He didn't like the film, but honestly, once I had the time to let the film absorb and settle in my mind - it really was a major disappointment. with numerous missed opportunities  In any case, with Platinum Dunes on board, I feel confident that this next F13 will be really good.  I very much enjoyed their TCM remake, and felt it was the truest horror film in years.  So, I am definitely positive about this project.  Friday, Octobe 13th, here we come! Bloody-Disgusting posted further news this morning:

Although this picture is rumored to be a remake, we've been told it may be more of a "re-envisionment" of the series. From our anonymous scooper, we've were informed that Michael Bay and Platinum Dunes apparently WANTED to remake it but would said "let's do something different" instead. New Line was super cool with it. So the next 'Friday' more of an ULTIMATE FRIDAY THE 13th... if you know anything about the Marvel comics ULTIMATE series.

Basically, the plan (which can still change) is takes place after part 1 and shows Jason killing and becoming the monster we know and love. Getting the potato sack mask and the hockey mask, etc...

Watch this spot for more inside goodies soon. Click here for the official press release.

On the collector's side of things, Sideshow Collectibles has announced at the recent Toy Fair that they will produce the Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter version of Jason Voorhees.  The new figure will be 12 inches tall, and a preview of the figure can be found here.  That's only one of dozens of new products they're producing for 2006 from new Marvel COmics figures to Star Wars to Terminator 2 to Premium Format Angel & Buffy figures.  For further information of their Toy Fair announcements, go here.

Variety reports that New Line Cinema has plans to release a brand new Friday The 13th feature film on Friday, October 13th, 2006!  Supposedly, the new script is to center on the origins of Jason Voorhees, but didn't they tackle that already with Jason Goes To Hell?  Whatever the case, if we're getting a new F13 for the Halloween season, I'm happy.  Hopefully, more details will arise soon, and FH will be there to report them.

Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday The 13th from the founder of DVDFile.com, Peter M. Bracke, is now available for pre-order from Amazon.com.  Peter's been researching this book for a long time, interviewing key members in the history of the franchise, and it promises to be so very comprehensive.  Subsequently, you may NOW order and own David Grove's Making Friday The 13th: The Legend of Camp Blood as well.  Mr. Grove concentrated mostly on the first four films, but has information regarding the entire franchise through Freddy vs. Jason!  Between these two fabulous books, I doubt they'll be anything you WON'T know about this 25 year old franchise spanning eleven films in all (and hopefully more to come).

has just announced the pre-order of their Exclusive Jason Voorhees "The New Blood" figure!  The figure has a removeable hockey mask that reveals John Carl Beuchler's fantastic makeup design for Kane Hodder's first and classic performance in the role, and is absolutely accurate to the film.  You can pre-order for $45, and is scheduled to be shipping the 2nd quarter of 2005.  Here are the features of this remarkably crafted figure with some photos, and don't forget you can purchase Friday The 13th, Part VII: The New Blood or the Friday The 13th: From Crystal Lake to Manhattan DVD box set from DVDEmpire.com.

The Sideshow Exclusive Jason Voorhees - Part 7 Figure Features:
• Over 30 points of articulation 
• Removable hockey mask revealing the horribly disfigured and decomposed, rotted face of Jason Voorhees 
• Authentic shredded clothing that reveals film accurate decomposed skin suit! 
• Real metal neck chain 
• Machete 
• Axe 
• Tent stakes 
• Sickle 
• 12" figure display stand featuring the Friday the 13th Part VII logo 
• EXCLUSIVE ACCESSORY: Jason's Tree Trimmer

Bong Tokin' Chuckles, a long time member of FridayThe13thForum.com (and its previous incarnations) has put together a very cool video for Fridays fans.  In it, he visits several of the shooting locations for the Paramount Friday The 13th films which include those from the original Friday The 13th, Part 2, Part 3, and Part VI: JASON LIVES.  Also, with this video, he will including your choice of a photo from one of these locations featured in the video (you can browse these photos here).  Here's Chuck with a few more words:

This video will be available to reserve copies until October 5th (when the Friday the 13th DVD set is to hit the shelves).  This was kind of my way at paying homage to the series that I grew up with and consider to be the best running series (in terms of worthy entries) of any group of horror-related sequels.  And so I am pleased to offer this personal venture video to my fellow Friday family as sort of a pre-cursor to the exciting release of the DVD set and the upcoming 25th Anniversary celebration next March in California.  Take care.

The video costs $20.00 + $4 for shipping.  Money orders would be the quickest way to ensure a fast reception of the video, but personal checks will also be excepted.  Please, direct whatever questions you may have via an email to Sean, or visit this discussion thread.  My copy is already in the mail, and it should arrive sometime next week.

Head on over to DVDFile.com to gaze upon the eye-sore that is the complete artwork for Paramount's F13 DVD box set set for release on October 5th.  On the brighter side of things,  now has a 1/4 scale Jason Voorhees from "FREDDY vs. JASON" available now.

Yeah, I'm way behind schedule here, but I've been damn busy lately.  The full press release for Paramount's Friday The 13th DVD box set is here.  I will rant a bit here, but not much.

I have vowed NOT to purchase this box set due to the lackluster approach Paramount put into this.  For one, Tom Savini did record audio commenatry for the original "Friday The 13th" with Sean S. Cunningham, and one for "The Final Chapter" with director Joeeph Zito.  Though, Paramount has chosen NOT to include those commentaries.  Also, there are no new transfers or soundtracks.  The same transfers and soundtracks used on the bare bones editions are being used here (though, there was a new print produced of the original F13 last year for the Maniafest convention).  Also, any F13 fanatic will tell you that there are a number of missing sound effects and musical cues in "The Final Chapter" which probably will not be fixed this time around.  Also, Tom McLoughlin had to actually beg Paramount to allow him to do an audio commentary for JASON LIVES (and to do it for free).  In fact, many people offered to contribute their services and materials for free for this box set, but Paramount turned most of them down.  The Alice Cooper "The Man Behind The Mask" music video was set for inclusion early on, but was pulled along with a "JASON TAKES MANHATTAN" gag reel.  Also, the uncut print of the original "Friday The 13th" exists and has been released oversees on laserdisc and DVD for years!  Paramount has the rights to that footage and print the same as the film's international distributor - Warner Bros., but they continue to deny us the pleasure of owning it on Region 1 DVD.  Also, cut footage exists for more films than what they are offering here in their featurettes.  Paramount has a history of this.  "My Bloody Valentine" producer John Dunning is said to have both footage cut from the 1981 slasher as well as a complete negative with eight to nine minutes of extra footage.  Though, he is having difficulties trying to release an uncut DVD because Paramount won't relinquish the rights, nor will they release it themselves.  Add to that, Paramount halted production on the box set prematurely so they could release the set on a self-imposed street date of late September / early October.  I could go onto criticize the technical aspects of the set (two movies per disc, horrible packageing, etc.), but I digress.

Just one more day.  On Tuesday, June 29th, Paramount Home Entertainment will announce the final specs for their FRIDAY THE 13TH DVD box set.  Stay posted to here and DVDFile.com.

There is currently a great deal of talk, mostly negative, regarding details on the FRIDAY THE 13TH box set that Paramount Home Entertainment is producing.  Now, even though the source of this information is highly reliable and has been working very closely with those personally producing the content for the set, he is not an official source from Paramount.  As is the long standing policy here at FOREVER HORROR, especially with such sensitive and controversial information such as this, we will not report on said information until it is either stated by an official source at Paramount, or is officially confirmed by Paramount themselves.  For those unaware of this information that has spread across the web this past weekend, Camp Crystal Lake Online has all the stated details.  Anyone well versed in their DVD news knows that DVD specs can change drastically, erradically, and without cause.  Features can be added, removed, changed, and release dates can even be pushed back by over a year (i.e. Anchor Bay's "DAWN OF THE DEAD" Multi-Disc Special Edition DVD set).

Bloody-Disgusting reports that, over at Tom Savini's official site, the makeup effects master has said he's been contacted about adding his voice to the audio commentary for a new special edition DVD for the original "FRIDAY THE 13TH".  It's not confirmed that it's for Paramount's SE box set, but it seems most plausible.  He may also be recording a track for "THE FINAL CHAPTER" as Savini's site said that it may be a joint track with Sean S. Cunningham & Joseph Zito (director of "THE FINAL CHAPTER").  Still no further release info yet, but it's still set for a September 2004 release.

Now, at SideshowToy.com, you can order your classic 12" Jason Voorhees figure.  Designed & costumed in the style of FRIDAY THE 13TH, PART 3 & FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE FINAL CHAPTER.  Also, you can pre-order their "FREDDY vs. JASON" 14" version of Jason Voorhees as well.  You can check out their photos of the beautifully designed figures there.  SideshowToy.com accompanies the following description with their 'FvJ' Jason Voorhees:

It has been almost 10 years since one of the scariest horror characters of all time, Freddy Krueger, invaded the dreams of a generation to exact his deadly form of revenge and murder. Now, Freddy has entered into the dreams of another master of evil - the unstoppable Jason Voorhees -- plunging cinema's two greatest titans of terror into a battle to end all battles.

Jason Voorhees is created as he appears in the film "Freddy vs. Jason." This figure features movie accurate costuming and a portrait that captures Jason's current decomposed state. He is also packaaged with two machetes; one bloody and one flaming. A display base is included. Jason's mask is sculpted to his head, and not removable.

Heads up, people!  Got an email today from Mr. George Rigney.  He is looking for a 3-D print of FRIDAY THE 13TH, PART 3 for a 3-D film festival this month in California.  As he states, all prints are in the hands of collectors, and I'm certain he can make some special arrangement for your print to be safely returned after the festivals' conclusion.  All the information he sent me is below, and his email address is shantar2003@yahoo.com.


George Rigney

www.independentfilmsociety.org for reference

I am assisting Chris Condon of StereoVision International3d

We are having a 3D festival in San Diego from October 17th to the 30Th.

We are trying to find a 3D print of Friday The 13th.

If you have any leads let me know. Any existing prints are in the hands of collectors.
Paramount does not have any as far as we know.

Thanx for any help.


Also, a Bloody-Disgusting exclusive coming from a Q&A at the recent screening of New Line's "TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE" remake comes our way concerning the NEXT FRIDAY THE 13TH FILM!!!  But it's gonna be a while, and it may be back in the hands of Sean Cunningham.

We also had the opportunity to ask Jeff Allard and the gang from the studio in the foyer about the horror resurrection of late, and they talked about cabin fever and freddy vs jason etc. anyway, we got a semi-official 'yes' that there is going to be another freddy vs jason, but probably with one of the other horror icons teaming up with Fred. No mention of whom.

Thirdly - and god I hope this is not old news! - the popularity of F vs J has breathed new life into the "Jason" franchise too. They'll be making another solo one of him too. Not in space apparently - just back to the roots. Camp Crystal Lake. I asked when, they said 'a couple of years' when Sean [I presume Cunningham?] finishes it."

October is here, and Fangoria has a little more word of the FRIDAY THE 13TH DVD box set:

"Paramount has a tentative September 2004 street date for its FRIDAY THE 13TH DVD boxed set . Efforts are currently underway to put together uncut versions of as many of the films as possible. Whether the new discs will also be available separately has yet to be determined."

Well, the winners of the Maniafest FRIDAY THE 13TH Cut 'Em Up Film Contest are online here.  I'm glad to see that our long time friend and microbudget filmmaker, Timothy J. Whitfield and his friend Joe got, at least, an honorable mention in the contest for their live-action short "THE COLD HEART OF CRYSTAL LAKE".  Though, honorable mentions don't win you anything at all but an honorable mention.  It's a shortened 13 minute version (so as the contest requirements stated) as the full version is about 17 minutes.  You can hit their discussion thread on Fridaythe13thforums.com to find out who to download it from (it's not hosted any place online).  Though, you can view the second place winner here.  Personally, I think this "JASON: THE REBIRTH" animated short sucks.  If it were a live-action film, it wouldn't have been given much thought at all, and the animation isn't that hot to begin with.  It has NO plot whatsoever.  COMPLETE absence of plot.  Nothing at all in the realm of plots.  Just Jason begin resurrected from the bottom of Crystal Lake by his mother's blood after she was decapitated at the end of the original FRIDAY THE 13TH.  That's it.  It's about four or five minutes, tops.  I'm interested to see what number one looks like....

DVDFile.com has reported on the announcement of Paramount's FRIDAY THE 13TH special edition box set, AND the possiblity of FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE SERIES (FRIDAY'S CURSE in Europe) hitting DVD eventually as well.  Here's what they reported:

Rounding out today's news is the latest news from Camp Blood, er, the happy home of Jason Voorhees. At a special screening of the original Friday the 13th at Maniafest this past Friday, Paramount Home Entertainment representatives were on hand to officially announce an upcoming box set of the first eight Friday flicks. Details remain sketchy, but fans asking for uncut versions of the flicks may be in luck - Paramount is hard at work trying to locate the missing footage needed to reconstitute new cuts of the films. The set is currently due for release in the fourth quarter of next year, and Paramount is also considering releasing on DVD the Jason-less but fairly popular Friday the 13th television series that ran for three seasons in syndication in the late 80's. Watch this space for further updates.

And if your bloodlust still isn't satiated, also revealed by series creator Sean Cunningham at the screening is that Jason may now really find his way into your living room - hot on the heels of the success of Freddy Vs. Jason, a new television series based on the serial killer's myth and lore, The Crystal Lake Chronicles, is currently in development. Guess this guy just won't ever die? Stay tuned.

Peter H. emailed Bloody-Disgusting about the Paramount DVD box set announcement last night at Maniafest.  No details have been confirmed.  Paramount is still uncertain about pretty much everything.  Though, the uncut versions of the films IS a possiblity, if they can find all of the cut footage.  So, we'll have to wait a good number of months before we get anything concrete regarding features and the status of the uncut Fridays.  Here's all of what Peter H. reported:

"I just got back from Maniafest in LA, where I saw a new 35mm print of Friday the 13th. It was said that there would be a special anouncement regarding the future of the franchise, and sure enough a rep from Paramount told the audience that a box-set is in the works for late next year. He was very vague about the details, but assured us that unrated versions of the eight films were a possibility. He then asked the very sparse audience if they were in possesion of any lost scenes to contact him. That should give you an idea of how far we have to go. Audio commentaries were also a possibility, depending on the availability of the talent.

Also of interest was Sean Cunningham speaking of a possible TV series revolving teens at Camp Crystal Lake. I gathered that it would be a pre-series set time frame, but he was short on details (as usual).

Later Joseph Zito took the stage and spoke about lost scenes for Friday 4. He assured us that they do exist, and it was possible to confirm a new negative.

Well, it seems as though NECA's "New Blood" 18 inch Jason figure is set for shelves.  We've got pictures of the packaged Jason action figure from all angles.  Also, the final image is that of NECA's Pinhead figure next to the packaging for a size comparison.  You'll see just how HUGE this Buechler-designed Jason figure is!  You can find out all the info on the figure by fitting NECA Online.

Shady news, in my opinion, from DVDFile.com concerning reissues of the "FRIDAY THE 13th" films on DVD.

"In other Paramount news, fans of that big guy in a hockey mask have been clamoring for special edition reissues of the Friday the 13th series for some time now, so we talked with Paramount Home Entertainment's head of publicity Martin Blythe, who had some good news for fans of the sultan of summer camp slaughter.

Holding distribution rights to the first eight films in the never-ending series, Paramount is currently in the beginning stages of planning new reissues of the Friday flicks, although due to the very limited availability of archival materials, just what form such a release would take, such as a box set, remains formative. There is also no word on whether uncut versions of the films, which have always been the most sought after by fans of the series, will be possible to include. As for a release date, a late 2004 arrival is hoped for. Watch this space!"

Kane Hodder & John Carl Buechler BOTH have the UNCUT versions of "The New Blood".  Paramount, call them up, and they'll be pleased to have them transferred in crisp digital quality audio and video.  Also, call up your international distributors (i.e. Warner Bros.) because they seem to have uncut versions of some of the films as well.  Call up Alice Cooper, he'll be happy to contribute his music video for "He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask)" to the "JASON LIVES" disc.  Paramount merely needs to look in the right places and call the right people to get the proper archival & uncut material.  Also, it took Paramount four damn years to put out the bare bones DVDs (two a year for four years).  I'd be AMAZED if they could slap together a halfway decent set of special editions in a little over a year for the entire series.  Well, as DVDFile.com said, "watch this space!"

Well, series news is few & far between aside from the usual 'FvJ' tidbits.  This concerns the 18" action figure being released by NECA, and the news comes via Celluloid Shockers.  NECA released the following statement along with two nice photos of the figure itself:

"Jason has been one of the most requested 18" action figures of all time and NECA delivers the goods and then some with this figure. This is the most movie accurate Jason ever produced. He stands 18" tall, features a removable mask, machete, axe, sound, and more.  NECA will also release a limited edition resin statue of Jason. While details are still being finalized the statue will have a detailed diorama base and will be limited to 1000 pieces. Plans also call for a signed Certificate of Authenticity with the signatures of actor Kane Hodder and sculptor Kyle "Tankman" Windrix."

Celluloid Shockers also got an exclusive statement from the CEO of NECA, Randy Falk, that the figure may show up as early as July, and will be available wherever NECA products are sold.

Though, the figure I'm hot for is the WETA Sideshow 12" figure based on the "Friday the 13th, Part 3" Jason Voorhees.  This one looks GREAT!  Real cloth clothing, removeable mask, and you know what?  We've got photos!  Of Jason both masked on UNmasked!  Three photos for your viewing pleasure.  It costs $40.00, and you can pre-order your figure (limited to only 7500) at WETA's official site.  The beautiful figure is coming this August/September!

DarkHorizons.com & DVDFile.com report that Warner Bros. (the international distributor of the Paramount F13's) will release a special edition DVD of the original "FRIDAY THE 13th" just in time for the theatrical release of "FREDDY vs. JASON".  It will contain the international cut of the film & a new documentary "Return to Crystal Lake" with interviews with Sean S. Cuningham, Adrienne King, Betsy Palmer, and writer Victor Miler.  This will NOT be avaliable in Region 1 (U.S. & Canada) as Paramount (the domestic distributors) have indicated NO plans in releasing any special editions for ANY of the 'F13' films here in the States.

Also, DVDFile.com also states that a book will be published this Fall detailing the making of the entire "FRIDAY THE 13th" film series.  No other information is available at this time, but I'll make sure to dig around Amazon.com and other places to get you as many details on this as possible.

As an update in regards to this page's purpose.  This page will report on any F13 merchandise that's upcoming ranging from DVDs to action figures to whatever else they decide to throw the way of the F13 fans.  News on "FREDDY vs. JASON" will be posted on THAT section of this site, and any possible news concerning any post-FvJ "FRIDAY/JASON X" films will be posted here first, then transferred to its own seperate page (once rumor becomes fact).  Details on the "JASON X" & "JASON GOES TO HELL" DVDs are up on the JASON X page of this site.  As of now, we have no information as to whether or not Paramount has ANY intentions of releasing unrated versions of the "FRIDAY THE 13th" DVDs.  It's possible, but I wouldn't put money on it until Paramount at least, publically, addresses the issue.  Maybe someone should contact Fangoria Magazine to start a petition to get these versions released.  Such a respected horror publication could bring some serious weight to the cause.

Paramount has finally decided to do something with the F13 series. They'll release them on DVD in sets of twos (Pt1 & Pt2, Pt3 & Pt4, etc.) starting this Fall.  Not much on them, but they're widescreen, have trailers, and a few others little things.  NEW LINE CINEMA will release a special JGTH DVD with trailers, widescreen, and possibly the extra footage we've all been waiting for for YEARS!  Interviews & an audio commentary maybe added if they can get the right guys for it.  Here are the box covers for "FRIDAY THE 13TH Part 3: 3D" (yes, 3D) & "JASON GOES TO HELL: The Final Friday", or view them at the F13 multimedia page.  Also, SSC/Crystal Lake Films has informed us that "JASON X: FRIDAY THE 13th Part 10" is planned to be made before "FREDDY vs. JASON".  Check out Tim Whitfield's "JASON X" posters on the Fan Art page.

WOW! It's been a while since we updated this section, but there's not much to say. If you've found out, we're moving all our news for the upcoming "Freddy vs Jason" movie to the "Freddy vs Jason" section. Some of the info we gave out last time was false. The movie is yet to be filmed(at least that's what New Line Cinema tells us. From now on, info that we promise will be TRUE. So, go here for future "Friday The 13th" and "Nightmare On Elm Street" updates.

Well it seems that the film is held back to Sept. 3rd, 1999, so says the IMDB. This is annoying the pants off us at "FOREVER HORROR", so you're not the only ones. Anyway, we are soon going to add a whole page devoted to "FREDDY vs JASON"! So get ready!
P.S.- If you haven't yet purchased a "MOVIE MANIAC'S" action figure, hurry & by them here!

"Freddy vs Jason" is filming at the minute! So far, we have heard rumors of Robert Englund and Kane Hodder reprising their roles as Freddy and Jason. Also, hurry, Freddy & Jason action figures are out for $9.99! They are released by "McFarland Toys" and are currently at Kay-Bee Toy Stores and Media Play! The Jason ones are actually selling faster than the Freddy's. Also on this chain is Leatherface!