Pamela Sue Voorhees (maiden name unknown) is born.
[Roadside tombstone in "Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984)"]

Camp Crystal Lake is established.
[Sign at Camp Crystal Lake in "Friday the 13th (1980)"]

A fifteen year old Pamela Sue is impreganated by Elias Todd Voorhees in September, assuming a nine month pregnancy.

June 13th
Jason Voorhees is born to Pamela Sue, possibly 16 years old, depending on her exact date of birth.
[Date from Pamela Voorhees in "Friday the 13th (1980)", year from "Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993)"]

Diana Kimble is born to Elias Voorhees & an unidentified woman.
[Pamela Voorhees states that Jason was her only child, and based on that, Diana could not be her child.]
[Year is taken from the actual year of birth of actress Erin Gray, who portrayed Diana in "Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993)"]

Eleven year old Jason Voorhees is believed to have drowned in Crystal Lake, but his body is never found.
[Year from "Friday the 13th (1980)"]

Friday, June 13th
Two camp counselors are murdered at Camp Crystal Lake.  The murders remain unsolved until 1979.
[Prologue from "Friday the 13th (1980)", exact date stated by Enos.]

Numerous attempts to reopen Camp Crystal Lake are met with arson, but the arsonist is never found.
[Enos in "Friday the 13th (1980)"]

Another attempt at reopening Camp Crystal Lake is thrawted by "bad" water (this could possibly mean that the water was polluted or poisoned).
[Enos in "Friday the 13th (1980)"]

Diana Kimble (daughter to Elias Voorhees) gives birth to Jessica Kimble.
[This is merely a guess based on about how old Diana is, and how old Jessica APPEARS to be in "Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993)"]

Friday, June 13th
Steve Christy spends $25,000 to reopen Camp Crystal Lake.  He, along with eight of his counselors, are murdered by Pamela Sue Voorhees.  The only survivor, Alice, murders Pamela by decapitation in self-defense.
[Date stated by Pamela Voorhees as Jason's birthday in "Friday the 13th (1980)", the year is taken from the roadside tombstone of Pamela Voorhees in "Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984)"]
Alice, who returns to Crystal Lake to conquer her fears and rebuild her life, is murdered by an adult Jason Voorhees in her home via an icepick through the temple.  Her body is never found.
[Prologue from "Friday the 13th, Part 2 (1981)", Paul Holt states that Alice disappeared two months after the events of "Friday the 13th (1980)"]

[Continuity Resolution: Pault Holt in "Friday The 13th, Part 2 (1982) states that the date of Pamela's massacre occured on a Friday the 13th, and so, despite the year of 1979 marked on the roadside tombstone in "Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter (1984)", these events must've happened in 1980.  A possible continuity resolution for the tombstone's year of death for Pamela is that the town might try to cover up the entire murder spree by stating that Pamela Voorhees died the year before said events happened.  The town of Crystal Lake would do similar things in the future including making people believe Jason was cremated after his death, and even changing the town's name to Forest Green after Jason's death.  So, said behavior would certainly be in line with the town's mentality of covering up or distancing themselves from these murderous events.]

Chris Higgins flees from her family's summer home, Higgins Haven, near Camp Crystal Lake after an argument and is attacked by an unmasked Jason Voorhees in the woods.  She later awakens back at the summer home, and her parents will not speak of the incident.
[Flashback from "Friday the 13th, Part 3: 3D (1982)", and Chris states that it's been 2 years since she's been to Higgins Haven.]

July 12th-13th
Paul Holt opens a camp counselor training center adjacent to Camp Crystal Lake.  Several of the counselor hopefuls goto into town for the evening, but the ones who stay behind are murdered by Jason Voorhees.  The only two remaining are Ginny Field and Paul Holt, but after Ginny drives a machete through Jason's left shoulder, he returns to attack Ginny, kill Paul, and escape back into the dense forestry.
["Friday the 13th, Part 2 (1981)", Paul states that the events of the first film took place five years ago.  The date is chosen as the newspaper headlines in Rob's backpack in "Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter (1984)" refer to a "Friday The 13th Murderer," and thus, it would make great sense for the initial murders to take place on a Friday The 13th.  Not to mention, the very lively scene at the bar the counselor trainees visit definitely reflects a Friday night at such an establishment.]
July 14th-16th
Jason kills an older couple in Crystal Lake, and steals a new set of clothes.  He proceeds to Higgins Haven where he murders a group of vacationing teenagers and a trio of bikers over the following day and night.  Jason is defeated by the sole survivor, Chris Higgins, after she embeds an axe in his skull.  Although, the morning after, she is driven to hysterics over a hallucination of a decomposed Mrs. Voorhees attempting to drown her in the lake.  Jason also obtains his now signature hockey goalie's mask from victim Shelly.
["Friday the 13th, Part 3: 3D (1982)"]
July 16th-18th
Jason is carted off to Wessex County Hospital that night, but awakens to kill the coroner and a nurse as he escapes the hospital.  Jason returns to the Camp Crystal Lake area, and over the next two days and nights, murders several other victims.  Jason is killed by local residents, Trisha Jarvis and her brother, 12-year old Tommy Jarvis, by way of impaling through the skull and being hacked-up with the machette.  This mentally damages Tommy, who spends the next few years of his life in various mental institutions.  Jason's body is secretly buried in the Eternal Peace Cemetery in Crystal Lake despite rumors of him being cremated.
["Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984)"]
October 13th
Young Tina Shepard accidently kills her father with her telekentic powers at Crystal Lake.
[Flashback from "Friday the 13th, Part VII: The New Blood (1987)".]
[Tina appears to have aged approximately seven years after this flashback.  Actress Jennifer Banko (born in 1978), who portrayed "Young Tina", was about 10 years old at the time of filming.]

[Continuity Resolution: Despite the fact that Jason is seen underwater at the start of the flashback as he's left at the end of "Friday the 13th, Part VI: Jason Lives (1986)", the physical damage on Jason during his underwater dormancy isn't consistent with the implied passage of time.  Mere months underwater with corrosion and fish feeding off him would cause that level of damage.  Over the course of numerous years, Jason would eventually be nothing but a bare skeleton when Tina telekentically revives him.]

Tommy Jarvis, now fifteen years old, is transferred to a halfway house for troubled teenagers where Joey, son of emergency medical attendant Roy Burns, is murdered via an axe by Vic Faden, one of the teens staying at the house.  Roy, driven by anger and vengeance, begins impersonating Jason, and methodically kills several of the kids and some local residents until Tommy is forced to kill Roy.  Tommy is pushed over the proverbial edge by this, dons a hockey mask, and attempts to kill Pam, one of the survivors visiting him at the hospital.  Tommy is re-committed into a mental institution.
["Friday the 13th, Part V: A New Beginning (1985)"]

April 12th-13th (Friday)
Tommy Jarvis is now eighteen years old, and has been released from the mental institution.  He returns to Crystal Lake (now re-named "Forest Green") with his friend Allen Hawes to cremate Jason's buried corpse, but it is reanimated by a bolt of lightning.  Jason dispatches of Hawes and leaves a trail of death behind him as he returns to Camp Forest Green (Camp Crystal Lake) which has just been reopened once again.  Jason murders all of the counselors at the camp along with three police officers, including Sheriff Garris.  Tommy drowns Jason in Lake Forest Green (Crystal Lake), and the camp is permanently shut down not long afterwards.
[Tommy's age comes from an early draft of "Friday the 13th, Part VI: Jason Lives (1986)" in which Tommy is described as "a good-looking young man in his late teens."  Also, Friday, April 13th is chosen instead of Friday, July 13th due to the heavy jackets worn by the cops and Tommy throughout the film, and since it's much cooler in April than the hot and humid month of July, even in New England.  Plus, it's only ever stated that the children are at Camp Forest Green for the weekend, not the summer.]

Friday, September 13th
Tina Shepard returns to her family's home at Crystal Lake with her mother, Amanda Shepard, and her psychiatrist, Dr. Crews.  Tina accidently telekentically reawakens Jason from his watery grave.  Jason goes on another killing spree until Tina is able to force Jason back down into the lake using her telekenesis.  Tina and Nick are the only survivors.
["Friday the 13th, Part VII: The New Blood (1988)"]
[The date is an assummption by the nearly Autumn-looking landscape of the forestry, and that it probably took place on a "Friday the 13th".]

Two Lakeview High School Seniors, Jim Miller and Susie Donaldson, spend a night onboard a boat on Crystal Lake.  The boat's anchor pulls on some underwater electrical cables (I ain't swimming in THAT lake), and thus, reanimates Jason by way of electrical charge.  Jason murders Jim and Susie on board.  The boat drifts down the river, and Jason boards the S.S. Lazarus where the graduating class of Lakeview High are taking a cruise to Manhattan Island, New York.  Jason murders several passengers and crew members on board the ship.  Only five escape to New York City via a lifeboat, but only two leave the city alive (Rennie Wickham and Sean Robertson).  Jason is doused with toxic waste in the sewers of Manhattan, and is believed to be destroyed.
["Friday the 13th, Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989)"]
[High School graduations usually take place in June, and the radio D.J. states that the senior class of Lakeview High will graduate on "the thirteenth of this month".]

Stephanie Kimble is born to Jessica Kimble and Steven Freeman.
[This date is based on how old the baby looks in "Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993)".]

The F.B.I. has spent the past two years, on and off, investigating the "S.S. Lazarus" incident, and all of the evidence and eye witness reports they have gathered in New York City have led them to Crystal Lake and Jason Voorhees.  Initial reports of an undying hockey-masked juggernaught of a serial killer stalking through Manhattan weren't taken very seriously, but eventually the evidence was too abundant to dismiss or ignore.  The F.B.I. then decided to set up a sting operation to rid the world of Jason Voorhees once and for all.  Agent Elizabeth Marcus is a decoy for Jason, and leads him to an open field where an F.B.I. S.W.A.T. Team destroys his body.  His remains are then taken to the federal morgue in Youngstown, Ohio.  Although, Jason's evil heart beats again and heavily influences the mind of the County Coroner who consumes the heart, and is thus, possessed by the deadly soul of Jason Voorhees.  Bounty hunter Creighton Duke gives an interview on the tabloid news show, "American Case File," stating that the destruction of Jason's body was inconsequential, and that Jason isn't dead, yet.  Duke states that he's the only one who knows how to "put an end to him for all time," but for that to happen, it'll cost someone $500,000.  In the following week, five more "Jason-style" murders take place on a direct path from the federal morgue in Youngstown, Ohio to Crystal Lake.  Then, in the following few days, a series of very Jason-esque murders take place in the Crystal Lake area, but no one ever reports seeing Jason Voorhees.  In reality, the heart of Jason Voorhees transferred itself from body-to-body for temporary periods of time in pursuit of being reborn into the body of another in the Voorhees family bloodline, namely his half-sister Diana, his neice Jessica, or grandneice Stephanie Kimble.  Jason accidently kills Diana, and thus, pursues Jessica and her baby Stephanie.  Jason is ultimately reborn through Diana's dead body (which was stolen from the morgue and stashed away in the Voorhees house), and is then sent to Hell by being stabbed in the heart by Jessica using the magic dagger given to her by Creighton Duke.  Duke is Jason's final victim before being sent to Hell.
["Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993)"]
[The time of year is a guess via observation.  There are still plenty of leaves on the trees, but those campers are looking quite chilly for it to be Summer.  So, September would have cool enough nights for Autumn, but still have plenty of leaves on the trees.  Also, I'm sure that the F.B.I. would need at least a year to seriously investigate the "S.S. Lazarus" incident and the legend of Camp Blood thoroughly.]

[Continuity Resolution: Steven states to the hitchhiking campers that the cabins at Camp Crystal Lake were "torn down a few years ago", and by the looks of Camp Crystal Lake cabins seen in "Friday the 13th, Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989)" that the camp is rather run-down and one might be lead to believe that they would be set for demolition soon.  Plus, the camp had already been permanently shut down two years prior due to the events of "Friday the 13th, Part VI: Jason Lives (1986)".]

[Continuity Resolution: Robert Campbell states that "for over 20 years the mere mention of the name Jason Voorhees has been enough to send a shiver up the spines of people across the nation."  If we were to follow those words, then, the events of "Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993)" would take place in 2004, one year after the events of "Freddy vs. Jason (2003)".  Also, why 2004?  Because the "people across the nation" would not of heard of the name "Jason Voorhees" until 1984 when he began his week long killing spree around Crystal Lake.  Before then, Jason was nothing more than a local legend.  Also, do you really think that it would take the F.B.I. another 10-12 years to investigate the "S.S. Lazarus" incident?  So, we'll just file this one under the thoughtless fault of the screenwriter, or some truly overly dramatic license taken by the character of Robert Campbell.]

Jason Voorhees is resurrected from the grave once more by the demonic child killer Freddy Krueger - who has been searching for his ticket out of hell.  Jason travels to Springwood, Ohio to do Freddy's bidding by killing the children of Springwood in a manner that would resurrect fear of Freddy in the Elm Street children.  This fear empowers Freddy so that he can return to his murderous ways, but when Jason refuses to back off, the two come into conflict.  Freddy bests Jason in the dream world, but once Freddy is dragged into the real world, he is defeated by Jason Voorhees along with Springwood teens Lori Campbell and Will Rollins at Camp Crystal Lake.  Though, Freddy still exists - to some extent - in the dream world.
["Freddy vs. Jason (2003)"]

[Continuity Resolution: Even though it is stated by Steven Freeman in "Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday (1993)" that all the cabins at Camp Crystal Lake were torn down a few years ago, the cabins featured here could be a left over structures from any of the private residences around the lake that were not part of the camp (i.e. the counselor training facility, Higgins Haven, the Jarvis home, the Shepard home).]

Jason Voorhees has since been captured by the United States government, and despite multiple attempts at killing him, he survives.  Jason is held captive and examined in the Crystal Lake Research Facility under military guard.  He is found to have extraordinary tissue regenerative abilities, but as the scientists want him cryogenically frozen in order to contain him, the military wants to further examine him for their own use.  Jason escapes his captivity by killing several military officers, but is locked in a cryogenic chamber by Rowan, a research scientist at the facility.  Although, Jason breaches the chamber, and Rowan is locked inside the chamber room.  Both Jason and Rowan are cryogenically frozen for the next 445 years.
["Jason X (2002)"]

A student research team from the space vessel Grendel, out on an expedition on the now barren planet Earth, discover the cryogenically frozen bodies of Jason Voorhees and Rowan.  Both are taken back to the Grendel.  Rowan is taken to the medical lab where she is revived and her machette wound is healed via nanotechnology.  The team believes Jason is dead and attempt to examine him, but he awakens and begins to slaughter everyone on board.  Jason's body is eventually destroyed by the android, Kay-Em 14, but the computers in the medical lab accidently come online and begin to regenerate Jason via nanotechnology.  This turns Jason into a part-cybernetic being referred to as Über-Jason.  This version of Jason is eventually destroyed by Sgt. Brodski as the two of them are incinerated as they enter the atmosphere of Earth II.  Only Rowan, Tsunaron, and the functioning head of Kay-Em 14 survive.
["Jason X (2002)"]